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Digital Walk Thru Metal Detector With Single Line LED Screen Panels

Place of Origin China
Nama merek MCD
Sertifikasi ISO , CE
Model Number MCD-500A
Minimum Order Quantity 1 pcs
Harga USD540-860/set
Packaging Details Carton or Wooden Case
Delivery Time Normally within 5 working days
Payment Terms T/T , Western Union , L/C
Supply Ability 1500 pcs/month
Detail produk
Detection Zone 6 zone Display ways Single-line of LCD display
Alarm way Audio Alert, and LED Location lamp work at same time Sensitivity 0-99 adjustable
Tunnel Size 220(L)*70*(W)*56(H)cm Dimension 222(L)*82(W)*67(H)cm
Net Weight 54.5kg/set Gross Weight 65kg/set
Package Size Main Body: 230*72*25cm(2 piece /carton)
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3d metal detector


Custom Metal Detector

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Deskripsi Produk

Digital Walk Thru Metal Detector With Single Line LED Screen Panels




Product Introduction:

MCD-500A metal detector is a type security door for export,which is made of imported fire board material,

has the advantages of light weight and waterproof. The door is of body height and with both sides column

aluminum alloy alarm indicators. With electromagnetic fields, metal items can be detected put carried by

human when pass through the alarm device, items like various control tools, weapons, metal products,

electronic products and other metal articles, etc.


Product Functions:

1.Six interlaced detection regions of the same high with the body and combining LED alarm

   light on column,displaying the area of metal detected accurately

2.Single Line LCD screen panels,with function of remote controller operate

3.6+2 exploration area;six independent exploration area,a whole exploration area,a stable,

   more accurate detection

4.Two column alarm region:displaying the place of objective with built- in ultra-high LED panels

5.Sensitivity of every area can be adjusted independently

    from 0-99,getting rid of interference of scheduled metal

6.Strong anti-interference:Digital and analog circuit design to prevent wrong alarm

7.Password protection function:just allowing authorized personnel to operate equipment

    in order to insure security

8.Counting statistics features:intelligent traffic and police counter statistics function,

    calculated through the volume and frequency of alarm


Product Parameters:

1.Alarm way:Audio Alert,and LED Location lamp work at same time .

2.Detection Zone: 6 zone

3.Display ways: Single-line of LCD display

4.Sensitivity:0-99 adjustable

5.The main body with waterproof function.

6.Tunnel Size:200(L)*70(W)*56(H)cm


8.Net Weight:54.5kg/set Gross Weight: 65.kg/set

9.Package Size: Main Body: 230*72*25cm(2 piece /carton)

   Host Machine:78*47*28cm(1 piece/carton)



Feature and Application:

Fireproof,waterproof ,and shockproof.multi-zone alarm.LCD display, totally English Menu,this type 

door can prestore 3 type different model ,This detector door divide people with 6 zone ,

better sensitivity.

Apply for need high sensitivity Exhibition Areas for both indoor and outdoor check,such as hardware 

and Electronic manufacturer check if the person steal the metals,or Apply for large public Events,

check the person if take leather weapon.it is very suitable for exports

Digital Walk Thru Metal Detector With Single Line LED Screen Panels 0


Digital Walk Thru Metal Detector With Single Line LED Screen Panels 1
MCD-500A User Manual.pdf

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